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Physics - Current Electricity Questions and Answer >>

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1. Four resistances are connected in a circuit in the given figure. The electric current flowing through 4 ohm a 6 ohm resistance is respectively .

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2. A 6 volt battery is connected to the terminals of a three metre long wire of uniform thickness and resistance of 100 ohm. The difference of potential between two points on the wire separated by a distance of 50 em will be

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3. When a piece of aluminium wire finite length is drawn through a series of dies to reduce its diameter to half its original value, its resistance will become

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4. Three resistors are connected to form the sides of a triangle ABC, the resistance of the sides AB, BC and CA are 40 ohms; 60 ohms and 100 ohms respectively. The effective resistance between the points A and B in ohms will be. [JIPMER 2002]

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5. A uniform resistance wire of length L and diameter d has a resistance R. Another wire of same material has length 4L and diameter 2d, the resistance will be

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