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Physics - Current Electricity Questions and Answer >>

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1. The maximum current that can be a galvenometer of resistance 400 is 10 mA. It is converted into a voltmeter that can read upto 50 V. The resistance to be connected in series with the galvanometer is (in ohm). [KCET 2004]]

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2. The resistors of resistances 2 Ω, 4 Ω and 8 Ω are connected in parallel, then the equivalent resistance of the combination will be

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3. Resistances of 6 ohm each are connected in the manner shown in adjoining figure. With the current ampere as shown in figure, the potential difference VP - VQ is .

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4. The resistance of a conductor is 5 ohm at 50°C and 6 ohm at 100°C. Its resistance at 0°C is

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5. If the current through 3 n resistor is 0.8 A then the potential drop through 4 Ω resistor is.

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