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physics objective Questions and Answers with explanation and solutions

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Physics - Work Energy power and collision Questions and Answer >>

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1. Which of the following is a scalar quantity. [AFMC 1998]

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2. If a body of mass 200 g falls from a height 200 m and its total P.E. is converted into K.E. at the point of contact of the body with earth surface, then what is the decrease in P.E. of the body at the contact (g=10). [AFMC 1997]

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3. In an explosion a body breaks up into two pieces of unequal masses. In this . [MP PET 2002]

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4. The kinetic energy acquired by a body of mass m is travelling some distance s, starting from rest under the actions of a constant force, is directly proportional to . [Pb. PET 2000]

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5. A man pushes a wall and fails to displace it. He does . [CPMT 1992]

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